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We exist to empower the community of North Tulsa to know God and experience transformation.

Outreach Programs

Each of our outreaches are focused on adding value to our community.



Adopt-A-Block has given life to our neighborhood. We have teams that go into the streets to enhance the beauty of North Tulsa. We have seen a significant impact in the hearts of our community members. We send out groups to do neighborhood clean ups, restoration on homes, mow lawns and any other need we find in our community.

Adopt-a-block is one of our two Saturday outreaches.


Super Saturday

Super Saturday is a fun event that creates a safe place for the kids in our community. We believe that every child deserves to have the space and freedom to be carefree, creative and loved. Many of the children in our community have to take on responsibilities in their families at a very early age, leaving them little time to just be a kid.

Every other Saturday we bus in kids from all over the community for a day full of fun! At Super Saturday, every child gets fed breakfast and lunch, plays games, and attends a character development service put on by our staff and volunteers

Super Saturday is hosted twice a month.



Sign up for a Service Saturday! You will have the opportunity to be hands on with the kids in our community or help with neighborhood beautification. We believe that you will be changed by this experience and we can’t wait to serve with you!

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